What Are The Top Books On Consulting As A Business?

One thing we know about books on building a consulting business is that there are many resources out there that you can choose from. However, there are only very few that you would consider must-reads or books that actually make a difference in your business. In this article, we are going to give you a quick list of reference material that you can read to, hopefully, take your consulting business from good to great.

A consulting business is just like any other business. It thrives on relationships that you build. So the first book we recommend for you to read is the classic How To Win Friends And Influence People. There’s a reason why this book is a top-sell in the self-help section – the ideas you will find in it work. Unless if you are a retired CEO who is easing into consulting, you will struggle in finding clients unless if you know how to deal with people on a personal basis.

The next book we recommend you read is Case Interview Secrets written by Victor Cheng. It is written specifically for consultants who want to ace case interviews and land multiple consulting jobs. This book is not theoretical textbook material – it is a resource that is based on the experiences of the author – who has won multiple case interviews and worked as a case interview himself – as well as his protégées who have also landed multiple consulting jobs at the different top firms.

The McKinsey Edge is another must-read book. Authored by Shua Hatori, the book outlines the success behind the most powerful management consultant firm, McKinsey, which services over 80% of the world’s largest companies.

The three books we mentioned above are by no means the only must-read books you need to read if you want to set up a business as a consultant. However, they are the essential first three that you need to get started. They are all available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Consulting is a job that most people working full-time jobs want to transition to. Not only are the hours are flexible, but if you land enough jobs, you could be earning more than your last full-time job. But, and this is the big caveat, getting from Point A to Point B, or from zero to success, requires a specific set of skills that the most successful consultants already possess.